We have started V3 Marketing, in the year of 2007. We are catering packaging material to various industries as per their requirement. We have experience of packaging field for more than 10 years.

We mainly deal in Paper Tubes, Paper Cones, Corrugated Boxes, Printed Laminated Polyster  material, Hard  Board and Printed Folded Boxes. We are supplying to textile industries, food industries, pharma industries etc.

Our motto is to give quality, quantity and service on time. We always give priority to customer satisfaction. We are diversified group dealing with Chemicals, Infrastructure development and education sector.

 We have our production facility at Naroda, Narol, and Changodar.

We are converting nearly 250 to 300 Tons of craft paper per month. We have 50 people working with us at various places. List of our few main clients  are as under.

Our Product

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugate boards are very versatile material and can be used for many requirements of packaging. Corrugate in packaging is used in varied different forms, like to protect, to transport, to advertise, to display of your various products.

Jumbo Boxes : Corrugated Box designed to carry weight up to 1000 kgs. in one box. These boxes can be designed to take heavy compressive strength. Jumbo Boxes are used in Exports to save on Packing & Freight cost.

Regular Sloted Cartons(RSC) : All flaps have same length and 2 outer flaps are one half of the container width meeting at the center of the box when fold. this is effective design for many application printed upto four colors.

Coated Boxes : These chemical emulsions, when coated on paper and paperboard, offer different functional properties, making the coated surface water proof, grease proof, scratch resistance, antistatic ect, as desired.

Diecut Boxes and Fitments :These boxes are specialy designed to adopt to the product which need special care during transport or display or for the convenience of use.

Display Boxes : POP (Point of Purchase) this kind of packaging is used to directly place the products in packed form on the display at the sales point.

Paper Tubes

  • Textile Carriers – Tubes for Winding
    and re-winding of POY, DTY, FDY, Textiles, Fabrics
  • Film Packaging Cores
  • Paper Mill Packaging Cores
  • Construction Cores
  • Mailing Tubes
  • Flexible Packaging Cores

The paper tubes and cores manufactured by V3 Marketing have set industry standards and have earned the trust and confidence of a large number of customers. We believes in working as partners with our customers to provide products that both can be proud of, meeting specific requirements that reflect a good value investment by profitable operating results. We at V3 Marketing offers 100% recycled paperboard products at the highest level of manufacturing expertise. We have a large inventory of raw material and we can customize any order for that unique size and specification you need. With technology and manufacturing proficiency, the company has an exceptional competence of fabricating custom-made paper tubes and cores for all kind of customers groups. V3 Marketing is capable of constructing precision ground spirally & convolutedly wound tubes and cores to cater to industries from textile to mailing.


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